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SunVolt Solar incorporates the concepts residential and commercial systems to provide the opportunity for consumers to produce their own electricity.
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With hours and hours of research, I decided to try designing a system for our farm. While still in college, I began the designs for the family farm and had multiple conversations with the electric utility trying to understand all the different policies needed. Finally, I was ready to hire a company to finalize and install our solar system. After multiple phone conversations and emails back and forth, it was time for our site assessment. The company had different plans on where each system should go but I had the answer on why it had to be that way for every question. After about a 30 minute site assessment, I was offered a job on the spot with said company.

Ecstatic about the job offer, over the next couple weeks and months we were helping get our install done before our deadline. Next came the details to my new “proposed job offer”. I would be a “satellite office” and work from home to use my network to get jobs in this area. Everything was going perfect until, I stated that I wanted to set my own prices and that’s where it fell apart. It wasn’t my company, so the belief was why should I be allowed to set different prices. In my community any client would have somehow been connected to our family network. I felt the pricing was too high and not fair, the company didn’t budge on their stance and Summit Solar, Inc. was created.


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